Strengthening Workforce Development


For nearly two decades regional economic and workforce development partners have been committed to assessing, facilitating conversation around, and assisting in workforce development initiatives.

At every turn, regional and national experts predict a looming, or even active, workforce shortage. To position the region to compete for talent, there’s no better time to set the foundation for a strong workforce development strategy.


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Our Region

The regional team distributed a request for proposal late in 2017 to summon interest in helping frame advantages, opportunities and challenges of the regional workforce that spans 10 counties and crosses state borders.

The information gathered will help inform future decisions for regional stakeholders – including those in the private sector, education and site consultants surrounding workforce attraction and retention strategies.

Our Region
The initiative underway, Talent Forecast, includes several partners


Talent Forecast updates keep regional professionals and community members informed of the study progress and our strategic plan moving forward.

Read past updates to track the development of the Talent Forecast project.

Strategy Implementation Progress 2/20/2020
Talent Forecast Solution Summit: Recap 2/15/19
Talent Forecast Update: 11/12/18
Talent Forecast Update: 10/19/18
Talent Forecast Update: 7/8/2019

The initiative underway, Talent Forecast, includes several partners:

The Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation, Blandin Foundation, Northland Foundation, Minnesota Power, the Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training, and the Workforce Development Boards in Duluth and northwest Wisconsin. Talent Forecast partners recently selected the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) to conduct a comprehensive assessment to better understand and help close the gap between available positions and a qualified workforce.

The initiative underway, Talent Forecast, includes several partners